Voyage en France,avril 2013

You can also enjoy viewing the experience of our exchange from the French perspective and see Monsieur Micheneau's photos here:
Le Lycee Saint Joseph La Roche Vie Internationale
Please enjoy this video created by Teresa Benoit, Sarah Ganzenmueller, and Ceili Riccio based on our exchange experience:
Avec le francais, tout est possible
Day 13, Wednesday, April 24th, 2013
Decouvrez L'Ile d'Yeu

Day 12, Tuesday, April 23rd, 2013
Le Grand Parc Puy du Fou

Day 11, Monday Apri 22nd, 2013

Le Chateau de Noirmoutier
L'Ile Noirmoutier:Office de Tourisme-video
Weekend en Famille
Today, Sunday, April 21st, every visiting American student will experience a different aspect of French life, as all students are with their families for the weekend. With only four days remaining, links for videos to preview what is yet to come have been added for days 11,12,13, and 14

Family Welcome Party Day 8 in the evening
After a full week of having been greeted with gusto, parents of French Host families organized a most beautiful event for all! We entered a room full of bleu, blanc, rouge and were surrounded by French and American Flags, a true sign of the Franco-American friendship that has existed between our two countries for centuries. While parents worked busily laying out their french specialties ranging from a variety of salads, quiche, and crepes to madeleines to tarte aux pommes and gateau au chocolat, forty four Franco-American teenagers could be found outside playing French and American Football. Once gathered inside, the evening was full of laughter, song, and dance. What a wonderful evening! We were truly moved by how the parents gathered and worked together to give us such a special welcome. Thank you to all French families,and,of course to the Lyc�e Saint Joseph La Roche! When the Americans said goodnight to one another, everyone was ready for their "weekend en famille!" We look forward to seeing eachother on Monday morning and sharing our experiences with one another. Bon weekend tout le monde!
We are here in school today and loving it! As we arrive each morning, we are welcomed by our flag. We appreciate this kind gesture on behalf of the Lyc�e Saint Joseph La Roche. We are fortunate to be here, and we are greatful to our exchange partners.Lycee Saint Joseph International: Our visit from the French perspective
Day 7 La Maison de la Meunerie, Fontenay Le Comte, L'Abbaye Nieul-Sur-l'Autize,La cath�drale Maillezais, La Venise Verte
Upon arriving in school this morning, we met our guides, Math in English Teacher Madame Enfrein and English teacher Madame Auguste, who lead us aboard our coach bus to our first stop, La Maison de la Meunerie: the Milner's house, where we learned how flour and bread were made in the days of yesteryear. Our guide was animated and inquisitive. From there, we ventured to the Abbay�e de Saint Vincent de Nieul sur L'Autize, an Augustin abbey which was a favorite of El�anor d'Aquitaine, mother of Richard the Lion Heart. Here, we walked two by two around a medieval cloister, imagining what life was life for the Augustinian monks in the
Middle Ages, singing Gregorian chants. Then it was time for our pique-nique in front of the gothis ruins of the cathedral of Maillezais, followed by a row boat ride down "Green Venice" where we felt as though we were riding a gondola! The day was sunny, relaxing, and just what we all needed after a very busy first 6 days!
Video marais poitevin venise verte
La Maison de la Meunerie
Nieul-sur-l'Autise, l'Abbaye d'Ali�nor
Day 6 School and History of Vend�e
Wow! We have seen so much already, it's hard to believe that it is only day 6! Another early morning wakeup, and we all found one another at school again. First, American students had one hour to discuss their expereinces with one another and take a brief tour of La Roche Sur yon; by 9:00, we were all in class and students enjoyed being the English Language Experts in their classes. After lunch in the school cafeteria, we all boarded a coach bus to visit L'Historial de La Vend�e, another interactive museum which tells about the history of France from prehistoric times to the present. In the museum, students had an opportunity to take a virtual helicopter ride above Vend�e to have a preview of all the sites to see! After the museum visit, under sunny skies, students had an opportunity to rest outside before returning "home" to their french families.
L'Historial de la Vendee
Day 5 Nantes
Arriving bright and early at the Lyc�e, we were greeted by our accompagnateurs, two English Speaking History Teachers, Arnaud and Nicolas. We walked again to the train station and travelled to Nantes. First, we took a wonderful walking tour of the old city, where we visited the Saint Peter's Cathedral, where the tomb of Fran�ois II, Duc de Bretagne can be found. After this, we had some free time to browse the shops and plethora of creperies in the area. Jules Vernes, author of Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, and Eighty Days Around the World was bron here. In his honor, a most spectacular giant elephant robot was erected. We had a picnic near the elephant, then mounted it and toured the factroy where this robots are created. After this, it was onto the to Chateau de Ducs de Bretagne, where students learned much about the history of Nantes through a series of interactive exhibits. Of course, the day would not have been complete without the entire group breaking into dance and a Claude Fran�ois rendition of Late September Back in 63!
Le Chateau des Ducs de Bretagne
Le Chateau des Ducs de Bretagne

Les Machines de L'Ile
Day 4/ The Big Day Finally Arrived!
After a morning of gift shopping and browsing in Montparnasse, we boarded the TGV (train � grande vitesse) from Paris to Nantes...smooth sailing and a lot of team work to debark in Nantes at 2:45 we could rest with our luggage for an hour and a half before catching our 4:35 train to La Roche Sur Yon. Upon arrival in La Roche Sur Yon, we were greeted by 23 French Exchange students, (including Antoine Marinescu, who came to the U.S. last October and stayed with Ray Pike),Monsieur Micheneau, and Madame Enfrein. Hugs, kisses, and squeals of delight could be heard throughout the Gare de La Roche Sur Yon! From this point, we loaded our bags into a mini-van driven by Monsieur Fauchard, another English Teacher from the Lyc�e Saint Joseph La Roche. We then proceeed to walk on foot to the Lyc�e Saint Joseph La Roche, where all host families, Monsieur Potier, the school Principal, and visiting Hungarian students greeted us with a welcome reception. Then, it was time to go home with families and sleep!

Day 3, Sunday, April 14th, 2013
All aboard the m�tro Parisien! At precisely 9 a.m. (as all 22 students have been consistently on time and followed every rule), we gathered in the lobby and departed for station de m�tro Edgar Quinet direction Charles De Gaulle Etoile. Arriving on the Champ Elys�es, in front of the Arc de Triomphe, a joyful burst of Joe Dassin's rendition of "Aux Champs Elys�es"could be heard from afar. After a few photos du groupe, we proceeded on the underground passageway to meet Cathy and Audren, a French "sister" from a thirty year old exchange friendship, under the Arch in front of the tomb of the unknown soldier.Arc de Triomphe: Centre des Monuments
We had the good fortune of having a superb tour of the Arc of Triumph. We were able to see firsthand, the names of the Generals who served in the wars and learn all about the sculptures on the facade of the Arch. Our climb totop allowed us to get a birdseye view of some of the famous monuments and sights of Paris, and to understand why the place of the Arch is called the star. From here, our descent was followed by a stroll down the Champs Elysees, visite du mus�e du Louvre, Sainte Capelle, Notre Dame, and then, finally fondue for dinner in the Latin Quarter at Heureux Comme Alexandre! Upon return to the hotel, we were greeted by another set of 30 year old exchange partners with the True Family! Quelle Belle journ�e!
Site Officiel du Mus�e du Louvre
La Sainte-Chapelle, Centre des Monuments Nationaux
Notre Dame de Paris

Day 2, Saturday, 13th, 2013
April in Paris!
Here we are! After a whilrwind tour of the Palace of Versailles and a beautiful walk through the Gal�ries des Glaces/The Hall of Mirrors, we checked in to the Hotel Odessa in the Montparnasse quarter of Paris, we ascended the Eiffel tower and waited on line board the Capitaine Fracasse for our Dinner Cruise along the Seine. While photographing and marvelling over the spectacular monuments that dot the river Seine, we dined on French cuisine, and knew for certain why we had come to this beautiful country. We then returned to our hotel in Montparnasse, one of Hemingway's favorite quarters of Paris. After this day, I believe that many thoughts were reminiscent of this great American author :
"If you are lucky enough to have lived in Paris as a young man, then wherever you go for the rest of your life it stays with you, for Paris is a moveable feast."-Ernest Hemingway


Tour Virtuel de Versailles
Site Officiel de la Tour Eiffel
Capitaine Fracasse Dinner Cruise on the Seine
Day 1: Friday,April 12, 2013 Departure
Air FranceFlight 333 left Boston on time and arrived at Charles De Gaulle Airport in Paris on time Saturday Morning, April 13th. veryone dreamt of their stay in France aboard the flight and thought about how happy they would be to reunite with their exchange partners in France.